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I am New On Fiverr, plz help me

How Can I can Orders? I need your Advice.


I think your Gig is quite well made. You could correct some of the grammar in your description. Also, you should remove the shortened link to your Flickr profile. Fiverr isn’t too hot on shortened links.

It’s a lot easier to get sales if you promote yourself outside of Fiverr, but that isn’t always easy, especially if you have a small network. If you’re relying on Fiverr traffic only, it could take a while to get going.

For more advice on marketing and Gig optimization, check out the Tips section of this forum.

Where are the grammar mistakes. Will you please?
waiting for your reply

They’re only minor. In fact, they’re best described as orthographic errors. For example, you’ll want to capitalise the pronoun “I” and get rid of random double spaces.

Have you heard of the Grammarly app? It’s pretty good at catching things like this.