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I am new on fiverr


I am new on fiverr . Please some tips me


welcome on fiverr:slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome. Check this out for how to get orders:


Welcome, we would love it if you get your first order on fiverr, isn’t that great? I want you to get a five star first time,

Plwase check this one :slight_smile:
💡 Guide: Get your First Order


welcome to fiverr community




Thank you so much medam


why i’m not getting order please help me?


No one can help you “get orders”. You will have to do that yourself by researching and understanding your target customers, reaching out to them, and finding ways prove your skills and encourage them to hire you. We are not going to do your work for you.


Thank you dear. Please some tips because I have no received any order yet