I am New ON Fiverr


Hello Beautiful People,

Zara Raggatt here, a Professional Graphic Designer and a Photo Editor. I am passionate about My work and I am focusing on Quality 100% customer satisfied Love to work on Photoshop and Illustrator

I’m a Permanent freelancer on Fiverr


I am new here too, you have one sale i have none, so congratulation. I am kinda confuse my impression is less than my click.
But leave to aside wish you luck


Hi Zara welcome on Fiverr, I wish you will have a lot of work on Fiverr. I am Lufulio working on Fiverr from the last 2 years.


lufulio can you reply to me about one thing
why my impression are less than my click.
may be because i am editing and previewing my gig, but i am doing it when my gig is not live.


Welcome to fiverr. Have a great career here. I am quite sure you love this tips


Hi arcodecode your gigs still not in ranking, and I will suggest you to start with $5, and you have not done any job, impression start to increase according to the number of reviews and job completion.


thanks, but what do you mean my gig still not in ranking.
and yes i am starting all of my gig at five except one and i am also giving 10% discount for the first 10 customer, lets see how it goes.
thanks for the quick response by the way

Edit – I created these with in last two days


You must have to done at least one job with 5 rating, Fiverr algorithms works on quick response, 5 rating, and completion on time, you are new on Fiverr, there are huge seller who offering the same service, so you need to work hard to get jobs on Fiverr, I suggest you to send offers on buyer request, Communicate with them and make them satisfied that you will provide them 100% satisfaction and as quick as you can deliver the order.Be polite with them.


thanks for the advice lufulio, i will do that.
i checked your portfolio as well you are doing quite will. good on you.
and you are correct so many people are doing the same thing.
wish you luck for more and i am wishing my self for the first one.
thanks for the tip


Hi everyone! i am new on fiverr. I loves programming and play with WordPress. Please help me to improve my gigs.


Thank you very much ,.,.


Thank you For Your Advice .,.


Hi Zara , Welcome on FIverr. I’m new here too.Wish you best of Luck.


Thank you ., aliasad vi


Hello @zararaggatt welcome to fiverr community:bouquet:


thank you for wishing


WELL COME HOPE YOU,ll Get orders very soon :blush:


You are warmly welcome to Fiverr… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Awesome looking @haiabdul22 :slight_smile:


Thank you @bookkeeper_joy:bouquet::bouquet: