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I am new on fiverr

Hi everyone, my name is Silver and i am new to fiverr. I have being involved with writing for more than 10 years and am still counting. i have written on many topics. My recent topic was on the viral disease called Ebola. i am here on fiverr to grow my business from writing good articles. please if you have any advice for me, please reply to this post. I will continue to keep you guys updated on my stay in Fiverr for the next one week.


Welcome to Fiverr! Maintain 100% Rates, Deliver on Time, Make Really Fast Revisions, and Always be Polite. Good Luck!

Welcome. I support what landongrace wrote. Those would be the keys to success here on Fiverr. Follow them, and you’ll be well on your way to good things. :slight_smile:

good, Thanks colleagues, how do i make people see my gig, with the rate of competition, how will people trust a newbie?

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You’re welcome.

On Fiverr, the best way to have your gigs seen would be to make sure your gigs are presented as professionally as possible, and your keywords are targeted to your gig and desired customers. Beyond that, you just have to wait. Competition in the Fiverr marketplace is intense. If buyers search, find your gig, and want to purchase your services, they will. On Fiverr, sales success (outside of your gig presentation) is entirely up to the buyers.

Off of Fiverr, you can get your gig seen by promoting it elsewhere online. Write about it in blog post, post an ad, share information about it (without spamming) in appropriate online forums, and share your gig link on social media. The degree of off-Fiverr traffic you can generate to your gig is entirely up to you.

jonbass thanks for the tips. i would work on them

Offer more words per gig to start off with, at least until you get to level 1. And by goodness man, sharpen up your grammar when talking to customers or you’ll be lucky to get one order.

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You would? Or you will? There’s a notable grammatical difference. Just saying. :wink:

“You would” suggests that there is something holding you back. “You will” suggests an eagerness to get on it, and make those ideas work asap.

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Amen to that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t try to sell gigs that you cannot competently provide! Everyone is good at something, but to be frank, writing in English isn’t your strong point. There are basic mistakes on your profile and in this thread. The only way you have a chance at being successful selling low-quality writing on Fiverr is to do very large word counts for $5. There is just too much competition.

Or you can think of something that you do extremely well and offer that as a gig. After you make your first few sales you’ll build a good reputation and can start using your extras to increase income. Be unique and be able to provide high quality, or be just another hack cranking out junk. Either way you have a chance at making a few dollars, but personally, I’d rather see you sell something you’re good at and leave the English writing gigs to those who have the skills. :slight_smile: Good luck!