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I am new on fiverr

I want yo know how i make my first sell. I have not make any sell on fiverr yet and i don’t know what happen why i have not make any sell. I promote my gig, respond to buyer request but inspite of this i have not get any sell.
Please help me out of this…

Right now you may not have the right combination of skills and persona to freelance on Fiverr. This is not intended as hurtful, just realistic. Your profile shows you in the USA and buyers aren’t going to believe you unless you also explain that you are from India. Your profile picture and tagline have an unprofessional and negative appearance. You don’t have the English writing skill to create great offers or communicate with English-Speaking buyers about their projects. This is one reason Buyer Requests don’t work for you. Your gig is not unique at all.

There are sellers with good gigs and strong skills that are still having a hard time making more than a few dollars. Sellers without strong skills and excellent gigs will have trouble getting any sales. Some even break the rules and try to buy or trade reviews, so they may look like they have 5, 10 or even 50 reviews. Even if they get that far, real buyers get angry with the communication issues or deliveries and it falls apart.

You could make it just like anyone, but also like anyone, you’ll need to really train yourself in multiple skills that sell, improve your English, learn some marketing, and read a LOT more in the Fiverr Academy. Right now you aren’t there. All of this applies to hundreds of sellers, so it’s not just you.