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I am new Quick Question

Can anyone tell me if buyers who put request out- can I find them and accept them to do work for what they asked for . if so where can i find them

I think you’re referring to the buyer request section. This is how you go to the buyer request (BR) section:

Please note: New/unleveled sellers will probably not be able to see very many buyer requests. I would also suggest that you go through the following post that provides more info. on BRs:

Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.) Fiverr FAQ

On behalf of Fonthaunt (feel free to refer to this post): Buyer Request Help: This is not an official statement but I can give out some general information based on what has been observed about Buyer Requests. If this does not resolve your issues, you may try self-promotion instead or contact Support. For other FAQ’s about Buyer Requests including Support comments see this post. If you do not have a very high feedback rating, you may not be able to see new Buyer Requests. The exact perce…

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hit the nail on the head thank you so much

can I ask… There seems to be little on here. Is it because I am new or because they can taken quickly or some other reason

Did you read the “Please note” message in my previous post?

That’s probably why.

I would also strongly suggest you read the attached post in my previous message as it has the answers to a lot of questions new users such as yourself might have about buyer requests.

Also, do not forget to thoroughly go through the entire Terms of Service as not doing so can inadvertently put your account at risk of being disabled/banned.

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level 0 with few / some gigs posted = 0 to 10 buyer request,etc, etc,
level 1 with few / some gigs posted = :sunglasses:
level 2 with few / some gigs posted = help! i need vacations! :sunglasses:

level 3 top rated seller = omg :sunglasses: !! I will hire employees :sunglasses: