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I am new seller as a graphic designer from Bangladesh

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well!
My Name Is Rifat. I Am From Bangladesh. I am relatively new on this platform but i have tons of experience in graphic design.
Can you all give me some beginners tip? Really looking forward for any sort of discussion.

Thank you.


Hello, :wave:t2: Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum!

The best tip I can give you is to know your completion and make your gigs better. As you can see from the document below, you have a great deal of completion. You will see that there are over 165,000 other gigs for logo design and more than 104,000 gigs for photo editing. You need to figure out how to make your gigs stand out. Right now they do not.


thank you so much for your valuable feedback


welcome to the fiverr community best wishes

 welcome bro, go ahead.
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Welcome to Fiverr and best of luck

Welcome to Fiverr and best of luck and stay on Fiverr