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I am new seller at fiverr. I want to promote my gig

How to promote and improve my gig impression?


Is that a good idea??? I think its spam, also it will work for few moments but not permanent solution

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Why would someone want to click the heart icon on your gig if they don’t plan on returning later. It’s just a bookmark for buyers to find your gig easier on a later date. If you thought otherwise, your statement gives me the impression you are trying to game the system.

Do you think it will help you “rank”?

Did you hear this tip on Youtube?

This is not a game,it will help to improve our gig impression.

It will not do anything for you. Let’s say you ask 10 other sellers to “like” your gig. You might get 10 views but that’s it. You won’t get any sales, you won’t get any business, you won’t make any money. You are trying to improve your gig impressions in a dishonest way, therefore gaming the system.

Take my advice or don’t. Whatever, I’m done trying to help anyone looking for shortcuts. Have a good night.

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Maybe there won’t be a sale but those whose gig’s condition is very bad may benefit

Yes, you are absolutely correct. Great tip, thanks for sharing.

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Gig impression is not a main fact in fiverr. Main fact is you have to reach your targeted clients by your service. Not for just click on your gig. You need find real buyer & real click for sell your service.

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How the number of impressions will help you? Everybody works in Fiverr for making money by getting orders within their skills. But I see you want only number of impression ( seems getting orders are not important to you!).
The impression is a report that how much time your service appears in the search result for those who really need your service.
If you continue this process ( which you are doing) you will lose the actual impression report.

Which you have indicated about the “bad condition” and “benefit”?
Is it sales? or is it number of impressions?
If your goal is only the number of impression, then probably you will get ( but don’t do this here, it is not a place of advertising yourself) . Do you have found a single topic here like yours??

But sales will not be generated by this process!!

Do you think you will get the gig rank higher by getting the love symbol?? Wrong!!


Active on fiver, fiver forum, build up your skill, work hard. I hope, you will success soon.

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You can share your gig on social media

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Be active on fiverr also share your gigs on social media
also send buyer request

As a new seller on Fiverr, you have to promote your gig on social media. Everybody knows social media is the best place to promote. But the thing is most people don’t share their gig with the right person. spend your valuable time and research on it.

keep in mind success doesn’t come overnight.

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