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I am new seller help me please share your experience

Dear All,
I am Kamini, I joined a few day,s ago,i am new seller,help me please share your experience & visit my profile.

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Hi Kamini,

All the best :+1: First and most important tip is stay online 24/7. To do this you will need “Super Auto Reference Plus” Google Chrome Extension, you can use 3 mint time to refresh your Dashboard Page.

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  • Zahid
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Couldn’t that be classed as manipulating the system, espeically if the seller wasn’t going to be actually available to reply for many hours? Surely it would waste the time of any buyer selecting “online sellers only”. Couldn’t it possibly lead to a warning if using that if sellers aren’t actually available?


Very respectfully I would like to disagreed.

Actually for my self I’m doing full time fiverr, and I’m sitting on my system almost 16 to 18 hours, and doing projects, in starting days I experienced that while I’m busy in my existing projects I find my ID showing offline even I’m here online, because fiverr website have the system if you don’t refresh your dashboard or any other activity on any page in 3 to 4 mints you will show offline.

So to avoid this thing, here what I use is the auto refresh extension which is available on google chrome or any other browser. I’m sure you got my point, its not manipulating the system, if I have to use that extension to stay my ID online while I’m working on my existing projects. Since I’m working on Fiverr my response rate always stand 1 hour, because I always get back to my Client’s whenever they need.

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  • Zahid

Fiverr support told me:

When you sign into your Fiverr account there is a 15-minute delay before the system will show you as online to other users. This is represented by the status dot on your profile picture in the top right. When it is gray you are offline and green is for online. There is a timeout if your page is idle for some time, this is usually 30-45 minutes.


But you also told the OP to “stay online 24/7” - and to use that extension to do so. That would mean appearing to be online even when you’re not, since you have to sleep some time in 24 hours, and it would be misleading for any buyer using the “online” filter any time you couldn’t respond quite soon.


thanks for your beautiful comment & important tip

thanks for comments


Hi Fiver friends, I am new here, need advise.

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Fiverr team developers are smart, seller need to enter the app every 20 minute to be online.


Yes exactly! You absolutely right.

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I remember quite a few posts a few months back of sellers saying they’d had their accounts disabled for using Chrome Auto-Refresh extensions, and in my opinion, rightly so. People really need to stop trying to game the system and focus on the core things that will actually help grow a successful business instead of constantly looking for cheat-codes.


Thank you all fiverr.

Hi all.
How are You.All Fiver r team…

hello…welcome to the fiverr …simply sell your skills…and keep in mind… you must agree with fiver TOC…i recommended read more articles in this forum.

In answer to your message:

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