I am NEW Seller , Help Need


Hello There

How are you all my best leader!

I a beginner this market place .

NOW need your help and suggest > How To Sell My Gig ??

Suggest me!

My Profile https://www.fiverr.com/users/delwarkhan/todos


My only suggestion for newbies is to send all 10 offers to buyers in BR section daily.
Good luck!


First you must create a new gig. Follow this link https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201500856-Creating-a-Gig


Create A Gig with unique Description use Cool images use catchy titles Use appropriate Tags and then Send 10 Buyer Request daily also Share your Gig On Social media. You will Get Orders Soon.
And Please Read Fiverr Academy Post’s Also it will help you .


Make your gig more impressional.
Share them on social media


Well, just by reading your description I get the feeling you won’t be getting buyers.
It says "sell my credit like4like 5k 8$ .

and i will give you my account and password.

if you buy my credit please add me massage .

all time work with you.

Thanks Delwar."

It’s not just the grammar errors, the contents are questionable too. I’m not sure what
exactly you are trying to do here, but I don’t think you’ll get sales with what you have now…


Try to make your gig attractive and use BR section in the beginning. No no!! Everytime :slight_smile: because there are so many trusted buyers apart from spam who are waiting for you. So use all 10 requests per day and make sure you don’t copy paste proposal for all buyers with same buyer name.Many people do this mistake. Proposal needs to be attractive and to the point.
Good luck :blush:


Thanks a lot dear …