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I am new seller here. What does pending clearance mean?

As a new seller I made my first sale last night. I am so happy with it. But at revenue menu it says fund pending clearance. What does that mean? When I can withdraw my money.

That’s the money you’ll get once the waiting period is over, do you see the blue box? Do you see it filling up day after day? Eventually it will fill up at 100%, and then it becomes “Funds Cleared.”

I check out the Earnings section everyday to see how much money I’ll be getting eventually. This also helps you plan. Say you have $80 in your account and you notice that tomorrow, $100 are going to be clearing. So if you wait until tomorrow, you can withdraw $180.

I like withdrawing large amounts because that’s real money you can use to buy stuff. Withdrawing $10 is dumb. Set up targets like $100, $300, $500, and if you don’t need the money right away, $1,000.


I clearly understand what you said. Thanks a lot for your response.:slight_smile:

I used to withdraw my money for every $100, now I do it at the end of the month. The amount differs of course, but I agree with you, if you can afford to wait, it’s better if you wait until you reach a certain amount. It does feel satisfying when you see that being added to your account! :smiley:

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Wow! I congratulate you on your patience. I think I’m making 2-3 withdrawals per month, I can’t wait that long because I’m always needing money.

Here’s a question, suppose you wanted to buy $10,000 car. Would you wait until your Fiverr account has $10,000 or would you make 5 withdrawals, $2,000 each?

I think I will withdraw $2000, just in case I need the money in my account for other reasons. :slight_smile:

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