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I am new seller,I am searching clients for works

I am so happy to create fiverr I think this is the best market place to work graphic designers.thank you. this is my fiverr profile link


@shivantha8 Keep Claim & Try to Fing out your client !!

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are you new for this site

@shivantha8 No,Change your poster info Otherwise your account may be warn!

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why are you saying like that

what is the reason bro

This was quite entertaining :laughing:


Thank you for encouraging me.

Again, this image is not very attractive. There are typos, the font is outdated, there is strange word art implemented, some of the text is off-centre from the image it’s placed over top of… I would not think that a professional created any of the images you have uploaded to the forums.


Unfortunately this is not a place of finding client.
You will never get client from here.
Also nobody expect this kinds of post in the forum.
You must need to understand about this forum before creating next topic.

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welcome to fiverr forum
try to bid on job from buyer request.
I hope you will get job. If you are a good seller.
Thank you

I think he is referring at your gmail. You are not allowed to share email or any other communication option outside Fiverr.