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I am new seller in fiver Please help me friends,

I send the buyer’s request according to the buyer’s demand, but before I understand it well, it is seen that more than 100 sellers send the buyer’s request, will I get the job if I send the buyer’s request after 100 people? Or will the buyer read these requests?

The reason why you are seeing 100 responses before you have even had a chance to type, “Hello Dear, Bro, Sir” or whatever - is you have likely made your Gigs in overly saturated and competitive categories. So, all of the copy/paste types have already just plopped in their drivel they send to everyone.

I cannot speak for ALL buyers, of course, but, I would imagine if one were to write a grammatically correct, understandable pitch to my buyer’s request, I would probably take the time to read it. The copy/paste baloney, not so much. IF I were looking for a service, ALL of those would find their way into the black hole of the internet.



Hi @nasir_parves33 The last buyer request send by a seller is the first on the list when the buyer looks at it (by default), so yes you can send your offer even if there are already 100 replies.