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I am new Seller on Fiverr, I need tips from seniors so that I could get some orders?

Hello Everyone, I am a new seller on Fiverr, Even though I have SEO optimized my all gigs and also regularly sending the buyer requests along with that I am always online, still I am not getting any new orders. I need tips from the Fiverr top sellers and more experienced people. This is my Fiverr account profile, kindly have a look and review it.

Thank you!


Waiting is the solution. So wait & send buyer request. Thanks


Thank you.
How many words or sentences would be enough to include in the buyer request offer.?

Words or sentences not the subject. Understand the request or need of buyer is most important.


Thank you for your help bro!

You are welcome. Thank you.

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Thank you so much @vickiespencer for your help, these tips are really helpful for new sellers. I would definitely try to implement these tips in my buyer requests, hopefully I would get some orders.

# Here are 3 effective Tips—

  1. Put “Catchy Keywords” in your Gig description.
  2. Give a LUCRATIVE and EYE Catching thumbnail or Videos showing your Skills.
  3. Share on different social media Channel.

Most importantly you will have to be patient . Its the key to success.


Hi,at first congratulation on fiverr,some times fiverr take time to ranking your profilr,it,s depends on your activity,At first you try to stay online as you can ,it will help you a lot,when a client saw you are on online then he?she contact with you,& also make a eye catching gig image also as client get attracted,use important taglines which as usual used,I think this will help you

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Welcome to fiverr…//////

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Welcome. Just use eye catchy gig images and make the best use of buyer request option. Also don’t forget to market your self


Thank you bro for you tips.

Thanks a lot. Well, I am always online on Fiverr.

Thank you so much @kawsarchy23

Dear, just wait few days and share your gigs on social channel for boost up your profile.

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