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I am new seller on wordpress need some tricks to get quick order

Hi, I am word press expert and Upwork savvy. But Nowadays, it’s much easier to get huge success on Fiverr on of my friend start selling from last month and already completed 40 orders.

That’s why now I start my experiencing on Fiverr. I am a word-press expert, Developer and working for 4 years on word press.
I am sure. I am an expert seller. I need some suggestion to get orders insensately as I’m new.
I know about Word press Website Building.

Word press customization# Seo # Facebook Pixel Integrate# pulings development# Hacking protraction# Facebook chat option #Word press them customization# landing page # coming soon Page

I have 400+ THEME AND PULINGS. PLEASE give me some idea
By the way, I am a full-time freelancer. I am an ability to handle a lots work at a time.

Thank you
Hapsa Bithi


If you want customers, you are going to have to reach out to them and tell them what you can do for them. In other words, you are going to have to market and promote your gigs. Success does not happen by chance.

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Here are some tips that might help you get sales

  1. It’s WordPress, not word press, word-press or wordpress. If you claim to be an expert then you have to know how to write the product name.
  2. I noticed you’ve used the word expert quite a few times. It’s only my personal opinion, but most sellers here are not WordPress experts(incl. myself). We might be advanced users in a specific niche, but we aren’t WordPress experts. Let your customers decide if you’re an expert or not. Right now it can possibly even damage your credibility because you don’t know how to write WordPress.
  3. You have 400+ themes and plugins. This isn’t really a selling point. Pick 2-3 themes, become an advanced user and focus on a specific target audience.
  4. You’re offering unlimited revisions. Why? Do you think buyers have time to go through 10 revisions? Buyers want minimal revisions. Offering unlimited revisions is something that newbies do because they are desperate and they don’t have the skills to deliver websites with 2-3 revisions.
  5. You’re offering BeTheme for $5. How does that work out if the license costs $59?

wow…Genius :sunglasses:

That’s the fact, most buyers are smart, if you are expert why offering unlimited revision ? I think that’s a point there

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Thank you for your good suggestion

@hapsa_bithi @uxreview is right he points out good points

Thank you for your good suggestion

Thank you for your good suggestion

Thank you for your good tips

That was a great observation. I am also a WordPress Developer. I got some tips from you. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want more orders, all you need to do is keep updating the tags and description, try using maximum keywords realted to your category. Most of the time you should send the offers in the buyer’s request section.
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