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I am New Seller Wish me Best OF Luck My Seniours

Dear Friends and Respected my seniors.I am new here this is amazing platform to show my skill to world.i like this site this is best site for part time or Full time job. I am provide Youtube intro and Outro Service on Fiverr here is my link fiverr

Please give me your Golden comment how i will grow my skill and ability.I am very Thankful to you all that reading my this Topic


Pray for you yaht will get work soon

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yaht? (20 characters)

I feel like you’re trying to butter me up. You’re laying on the “I’m a poor seller who just wants to be awesome” rhetoric rather heavily, don’t you think? :thinking:

Can this jon person just take a seat. The new seller is asking for advice, why didn’t you give?

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No he cannot.

The OP introduced himself, which was really just a reason for him to promote his gig link (which, in the New User Introductions category that he posted this, is actually against the forum rules). He then asked for “golden comments”. I have no gold to share. However, if he had actually followed the forum rules, and posted an actual request for assistance – in the proper forum category – then I may have chosen to help him with practical advice.

Although, I should note, he can find all the “golden comments” and advice that he wants by actually reading the forum, instead of expecting someone to make him successful just because he’s a new seller.

Us veteran sellers do not have the time to keep repeating the same advice over and over and over, just because new sellers don’t want to take the time to learn how to run their own gigs. Fiverr provides plenty of sources of information for new sellers. And new sellers should not expect things because they are new sellers.

New sellers become successful by taking the time to learn how to use the websites they sign up to be a part of. The forum is here to help those who are willing to help themselves.


I am really sorry Sir Jonbaas . sorry i am forget about this point if you think i am doing spam please delete my this post Thankyou

Thankyou Sir jobayar24361

Best of luck …
May you succeed