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I am new seller

Since, I am new at fiverr nobody wants to order my gig. I think they feel somewhat doubtful ordering a new seller. Though I am a professional proofreader and graphic designer but till now, I used to work locally in INDIA. Any tips/suggestions will be appreciated.
Pallav Mittal

I guess we kinda be in the same boat. Am a professional in writing of cv, resume and cover letter. Had to open a new account cos the previous one was hacked and now no one wants to order my gig cos the believe am new and don’t have the expertise.
Am very optimistic buyers will come cos i already delivered my first job, and the buyer liked, though his away now but will be me a good review like he has promised.
I will tell you be optimistic and patient as well, its like that but soon and very soon you gonna have a lot do .
Best regards,

I will give you one and only Suggestion. Use buyer request/available projects feature and send buyers the requests instead of waiting them to come to you. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the motivation. Best of luck to you too.

Thanks, I will use all my 10 offers from now. Thank you once again!