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I Am New Sellers Please Accept Me


I am Jony from Bangladesh. I could provide you Media Marketing Service. So That i could success in my life. But one reason that many fiverr sellers account already has been suspended. Why that ?
Please help me
If you anyone know about fiverr tips for sellers now you can give me good tips by replaying.

Thank you for patient.


Hi. Welcome.

One advice. Don’t focus on your own success. Focus on how to satisfy your clients first. You can’t go wrong with that.



Thank you for suggestion.


One reason could be using images which don’t belong to them. Your profile image belongs to somebody else?


If you wish to sell on Fiverr, you have to create gigs.


The thing is copyright policy. You shouldn’t use other gig picture and data. That mean you have to create your own gig without copy from others. You have to obey Fiverr rules and conditions. That’s it, best of luck and welcome to the Fiverr Forum.:slightly_smiling_face:


There are many reasons but main focus reasons for suspending account on fiverr

  1. cheat with buyers in agreement or any other axcuse
  2. Cheat a buyer who sells gig on fiverr to copy paste and make a same gig at low price… Fiverr algorithm can ditect copies…


Because they violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Read them, don’t violate them, and you’ll be fine.


oh ho what’s happened with you