I am new so, how I improve my Gig?


Hi There!
I’m Mamunur Rashid. I’m a Graphic Designer. I’m a new member on Fiverr. I have made a Gig heart and soul. I want getting everyone’s attention. Please, tell me something about this gig. How was it. What should I do to more improve. Etc. I’ll be grateful to you.

My Gig:

Best Regard,
Mamunur Rashid


Hello Mamunur! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your packages look well put together and your images are good as well!

How about changing the word engrossing to something which might be more appropriate - stylish or attractive perhaps?

In your description, you say you believe in standard work - how about using something like ‘I only deliver work of the highest standard’? Might sound better for prospective buyers?

Good luck! :sunny:


Captivating means the same thing, but has a nicer ring to it :slight_smile:


@offlinehelpers I’ll change it. Hope this will be useful. Thank you so much. :sun_with_face:


@daviddoer Thanks brother. Thank you for your advice.