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I am new still no ORDER

I am new seller,so I don’t have order.

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send buyer request with good purposal. you will get the order.

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Marketing your gig any At social media

make sure you have gig with unique title and use your 10,offer to send request
be online all the time in sure you will get order very soon

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I am Not Show buyer requst and i am online all time in fiverr

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Being online “all the time” has nothing to do with the buyer request section. You are a new seller who just joined Fiverr last month, and is currently ranked as a “New Seller”. Fiverr does not show many buyer requests to New Sellers, because they want new sellers to learn how to build their own success and not rely on the BR section to send (or post) desperate “buy my gigs” requests.

You will have to learn how to find your sales a better way, and once you have earned Level 1, you will see plenty of buyer request ads that you can respond to.


Thanks for your feedback

My Short Request For You Can Check my Profile that is Perfact Please

I’m not going to do that, because me checking your gig is not going to make YOU successful. The only person that can learn how Fiverr works, and apply it to your gigs is YOU.


If you can put your link in your forum PROFILE so it is easy for me, I will check your profile for you. I would like to see if you can figure out how to do that on your own.

Most of us who have had a link to our profile on our forum profile here did figure that much out without asking anyone. So it’s a test to see if you can do things for yourself without help.


I also no receive order. some people help me. How can Giggs be improved?

I’m here to my profile link ok.

Gig marketed social media do