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I am new to fiver and i would like some tips

I Want some tips that how can i get more orders.
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For an order, you should follow the Fiverr Rules and know about its algorithm. After making a Gig you should regularly send the Buyer Request, you can send 10 requests in a single day in 24 hours.

Always keep your gig in first of the Fiverr, so you should increase your Gig impression.

For Impression firstly you must add a Video with your Gig.

When you send 10 Buyer Request in a day that way Buyer visit your Gig and increase your impression

Use the social media say Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Pinterest, Google+, About Me, Slide Share etc. Put your Fiverr link there with write some simple words an make it post.

The main theme always keeps your Gig in the First page of Fiverr by increase the Gig impression. When your Gig in First-page Buyer have to bound click in your Gig and make an order.


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This guy posted a really good opinion piece on how to do well on Fiverr. Check it out, maybe it will help.

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You can translate and transcribe every language? That doesn’t sound super convincing to potential buyers.


thanks a lot my dear friend

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Thanks apu for your valuable suggestion.

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always most welcome.

have you any question please feel free to contact.

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most welcome dear speedvir,

have you any question please feel free to contact

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mam i want to know that i can i promote my gigs

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Well there are lot of way you can promote your gig but still the best of all of them is social media.

I will provide you a trick It will help you some how but you can

find more like these.

  1. copy your gig’s URL
  2. share this URL on social media site like ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Etc)
  3. people see your post and will visit your gig , in this way your gig impressions and views will increase. it would help to rank your gig.
  4. Join Facebook groups and increase your social media network.

best regards,

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Very helpful for me as well, thanks

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How can i send a request to buyer?

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go to selling then select buyer requests.

In buyer request you can easily get projects and your desired work is available and you can easily win order there.

On daily basis you can send only 10 requests if you send effective requests than you will get 100% orders

For standard buyer request do the following!

  1. Understand the problem of the buyer
  2. Try to find the solution for it
  3. Once you find how you do it tell to the buyer that you will do it in that way
  4. Write your proposal professional with giving succes guaranti
  5. Make a template and use it every time
    I hope that helps thanks

Can anyone provide me any info about fiverr gig backlinks?
Anyone can help?