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I Am new to Fiverr and I have had bad experience before


This line has been used on me twice and the buyers keep on pulling the same stunt. Request for sample, love the sample then make an order and claim it is not what they wanted and we should cancel. What is a seller supposed to do?! The new year has come with new untrustworthy buyers taking advantage of the way fiverr values buyers more than sellers.


Just upload screenshots of all your samples to your gig description and ask the sample seekers to refer to them. Fiverr allows 3 images, 1 video and 2 PDF files to be uploaded per gig, which means you can put up around 15 sample images within one gig. That’s enough samples. << Find a diplomatic way to tell that to sample seekers.


Say no. If you deliver as per the instructions and gig description then just say no when they want to cancel.
They may leave a bad review but so be it although you may wish to wait til you have more reviews before implementing this.


Thank you, I will do that to avoid avoiding the whole sample scenario.


Thank you, I think 60 reviews are enough right?..No more Cancellations if I have done the right job. But I hope it does not go to the extent of charge-backs. Sellers should be protected from such.


I would probably go with more than 60 but it is up to you. Chargebacks are relatively rare and sellers have reported Fiverr being successful in contesting chargebacks which is great to hear.
Also, I firmly believe that the type of buyers who seek cancellations actively seek out newer sellers and those with no negative reviews. Most people, especially in writing and other subjective gigs, will not have 100% pleased every buyer - it’s just not possible - and so those with 100 reviews and no negatives are likely to offer refunds to avoid the negative feedback. I noticed a lot fewer problems like this since I had two negatives in quick succession a year ago. Every cloud…

My posts on avoiding chargebacks and minimizing cancellations may be of use to you:


Thank you had read the post on charge-backs and it was enlightening. I guess we just have to be more stern and take a particular stance when dealing with such cases. i really appreciate your help.


Deliver it with a watermark. Only after they say they like it and will keep it, then remove the watermark.


Here’s the quick response" I use when asked for samples.


Unfortunately, I cannot offer free samples. This is because the amount of time it takes to record a sample is equivalent to recording a 100 word voice over. There are many such requests each week, and often buyers will “shop around” by asking a dozen or more VO artists for a free sample. This creates a lot of unpaid time in the studio, as only one person will be selected for the job.

There are varied samples of my work on my gig page which will give you a very good idea of how it will sound. My demo can also be heard at

Otherwise, if you still require a sample prior to ordering an entire job, I suggest you select a 100 words from the script and order a basic $5 gig to hear exactly what it will sound like.



Most of us have run across sneaky & cheeky clients who asks for a “sample”. Many of them are just window shoppers or hitting the jackpot by getting a bunch of freelancers to do free work. It’s like me asking a world renowned Doctor to perform a minor surgery to prove he/she is capable of performing a major invasive surgery. Ugh, please it’s not going to happen.

Kudos @newsmike sums it up to a T.


I admit to once putting a request on the Buyer’s Request for free logo samples and got about five which were all beyond horrible.

Maybe it was wrong for me to do that, but it wouldn’t have been a good experience at all if I had ordered from any of the sellers who sent samples, and they really should not have been selling logos at all. I wish I had those samples to show what I mean. It was just shockingly bad, and I did not feel bad when I saw them because these were not things that should be sold to anyone.

So I am putting a new slant on this discussion and not a reflection at all on the OP.
Just saying, there is another side to this in some cases.


I understand your problem and I believe Fiverr must do something to protect sellers.
But I don’t blame Fiverr to support more buyers as they are the clients and the clients have always right. This is a rule that will never change and as long buyers pay = are the bosses.
Also, think that many buyers are scammed from sellers who never deliver or they delivered something totally unacceptable, because they aren’t educated in things they say they do, especially in graphics 3D animations, etc.
Definitely you have right, but i believe that many sellers aren’t correct as well and making buyers crazy.
Lot’s of people I know they prefer to pay 10 times more for a gig in a company out of Fiverr, because they told me that they lost money as buyers here and they don’t trust this platform anymore.
I didn’t believed them because until yesterday I had only good experiences.
Today I filed a dispute as the seller was rude and he didn’t want to deliver nothing and he didn’t accept the dispute yet, 12 hours later.
Let’s see.


Correct. Samples issue it’s kinda stupid. For some things in life you aren’t able to ask for a free sample and is some other things to ask for sample at all. Ask the doctor to deliver a sample of your baby. :smile: lol

Very well stated for the unpaid work!!


I think the samples on the gig should suffice, I think I will do that now.
Its also true that some sellers are also taking advantage of buyers but honestly, its the talented, skilled and passionate sellers on the platform that are having a tough time, and the buyers as well who are being scammed. Since we are all strangers, we just hope that the next buyer/seller will not scam us.