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I am new to Fiverr and needs tips

I am new in Fiverr. I am a seller and have created the gig for my expertise area.
But I didnt get any response from the buyer yet. Please let me know what are the tips I need to follow as a new seller for getting works from the buyer.


Hi,at first congratulation on fiverr,some times fiverr take time to ranking your profile,it,s depends on your activity,At first you try to stay online as you can ,it will help you a lot,when a client saw you are on online then he?she contact with you also as client get attracted,use important taglines which as usual used.And make a well organized description,Never ever copy any design ,be honest ,I think this will help you


welcome to fiverr family

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Hey, Welcome to the Fiverr community.
Best wishes to you.

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Thank you for the reply.
Please say what will I do for getting orders

You can send buyer request,& stay online as you can,first time to get order needs time,so you have to wait & should be patient

Thank you for your reply