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I am new to fiverr & got zero order till now


I am new to fiverr & created 4 Gigs till now…Though views are increasing on my gigs but not a single message in last 7 days.

Am i doing something wrong??


Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the customers that need the services you have to offer? (And no, posting your links all over social media sites is not targeted marketing).


Thanks for your reply…Is it a paid service in fiverr to promote my gigs?

If no, Please guide me the way to do it…Thanks


I cannot tell you how YOU need to market. YOU are going to have to do the research to figure that out on your own. You are the owner of your freelance business. You need to do the work to make is successful. That is not my responsibility. I’m not going to do your work for you.

I’ll summarize… then you do the work:

Study, research, and learn about your target customers. Then, do some more research to figure out where those customers are located. Once you know these two things, then go wherever those customers are located, and find ways to convince them to hire you.

Yes, you have a lot of work ahead of you, so you’d better get started. If you seriously want sales and success, then you’ll take the time to make these things happen. You’re a Fiverr freelancer. Fiverr freelancers are Doers. Stop waiting for things to happen, of for other people to do them for you. Roll up your sleeves, be willing to get dirty, and start digging into the foundations of your business.

Good luck!


Your profile says that you are a Digital Marketing Expert so why not use your expertise to promote your own services.


Thanks Again…

Words are bit hard still inspiring!!!

I will work hard…


Buddy, I know how to promote my business…

My questions was related to fiverr platform only, Like upwork & PPH, is there any way to bid??
or Just Gigs are working here…


Are you sending buyer request?


I think you should conduct some research into Fiverr as a marketing place. I’m also fairly certain research forms part of what is purportedly your expertise.


No, I guess this is what i need to know…Can you help me on this…I went to buyer requests under seller category. But there i found GIGs from other sellers.


If you don’t see any buyer requests, than currently there are none in your category. The ones you see from others sellers you should just ignore. Some sellers try to draw attention by creating a buyer request, to promote their own gig.


Buyer request only one answer you are in the SEO i am in the same niche, So i dont have to tell you that at the start conversation rate is going to be low.
wish you luck


don’t worry its take time one day you will succeeded


in your profile at the top where is your profile pic.There you will see selling
click on it, there will you see menu, in the menu there will you see buyer request click on it.


Do some work and upload max gigs and then see how you will get orders.


If you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the rules as to how Fiverr works.