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I am new to fiverr , help me branding my services


Hi , I am a qualified and established nutritionist . I have recently went online to expand my services globally. Though internet and computer are not my main subject but we need to know them in and out for our business.

I need help from some fiverien ( who sales in fiverr) who can help me in building my services as a brand on internet.

I heard about fiverr from some one who advised me to come to fiverr to offer my services and at the same time I can peer with our fiveriens who are establish and can help me for my business.


Well, it seems you really don’t need this thread anymore. Since you have been able to open up your own account and draft up something for your Gig Description.

Wishing you success on this wonderful platform for entrepreneurs.

Regards, :slight_smile:



Visit the Tips for Sellers Forum or the FAQ. There are sticky-like posts for new users that you should read in each of the forums. Good luck!