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I am New to Fiverr, how to withdraw funds?

Hello Fiverr Community! :grinning:

I am providing Game development Service and getting very Good response. My gig is showing at Page 1 in “best selling” Category against the Keyword “Game development”.

I want to ask how to withdraw funds from Fiverr?


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Please see:


Thank you for Sharing!


Hello welcome to Fiverr community

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Thank you brother for welcoming me! Hope it will be great journey. And I will be able to make it my Career. What do you think?

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Your profile shows that you have only 16-minutes of read time here.

I suggest you follow the suggestions already posted above to do some more reading of the excellent information Fiverr provides.

Do not forget to read over the Fiverr Terms of Service as well.


Hi @umer_ceo welcome to Fiverr! Once you’ve received payment for an order :money_with_wings:, Fiverr will take some time to process the funds. Once they are processed you are able to withdraw them. There is a lot of information online and on Fiverr about exactly how long it takes for funds to process if you want to know the specific amount of time.

Again, welcome! Wishing you lots of success! :+1: :grin: :moneybag:

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Ok thanks for the advice. I will surely read and follow Fiverr Terms of Services. I think It’s the most important thing for working on this Platform.

Thanks for letting me know. Let me check out those information.

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Don’t worry every details u can get on internet

You can use Paypal to withdraw your income…

Welcome to the Fiverr forum

Wellcom to Fiverr community

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer.
  3. Fiverr Card

Brother, what is Fiverr Card?
I heard about this first time…

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Congrats for your success on fiverr! first of all, make sure all funds are cleared and showing on your ready for withdrawal. You can withdraw using your paypal account linked or maybe bank transfer using payoneer and fiverr revenue card. All you need do is, go to earnings, you’ll see where they’ll show the paypal sign, bank transfer, and revenue card, then from there you can click on any of those payment methods you have or can as well create one, then you’ll be asked to link it. Once you’ve successfully linked your account, you’ll just need to click the linked payment method and they’ll be a short confirmation required from you, and that’s it! your money is in your account. I learnt paypal is the fastest.

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Fiverr card is like a debit card. You can use it to withdraw money from local ATMs

Thanks for such a detailed reply. Highly appreciated.

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How to get the Fiverr Card, do you have an Idea?

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First, create Payoneer, Then APPLY for a card via Payoneer web. Payoneer charges $30 for one year and provides unlimited transaction. After that add in Fiverr