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I am New to Fiverr, how to withdraw funds?

Ok now I got it. Payoneer Card is known as “Fiverr Card”…


Yes, @umer_ceo keep it up

Thanks for your appreciation and support. I want to ask one more question that can I make this Freelancing as my Career?

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Yes, you can start freelancing as your career. If you have time 12-16 hours then I suggest you create an account on 2-3 platforms like as Fiverr Upwork and 99design after establishing your hold on one platform then go to another

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Hmm…Good Advice! Thanks
Fiverr is becoming bigger than Upwork. Is this right news?

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Fiverr is best for the seller to start the journey with 0% of the investment. That’s why most of the seller come here. I spent 1 week on Upwork and not feel comfortable because of their algorithm.

How is your experience with Fiverr now?

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Fiverr is outstanding. I got my first order in 24 hours and completed 3 orders so for. All the things going Normal.

Got the first order through BR or direct?

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@umer_ceo through BR

You’re highly welcome

Yes you can, it all depends on you!! always have that positive mind and every other thing will be possible. Always remember to see the possibilities in every impossibility

Hmm…Nice Motivation here :blush:
Best book on Positivity is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne :grin: