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I am new to fiverr..Is my gig appealing? Need friendly critic

Hey Freelancers! I am Anshul. I joined Fiverr on January 20. Still searching for clients :sweat_smile: . I know it takes time, but just want a to be sure that there is nothing wrong with my gig or what.

Want someone to check my gigs and suggest me as a friend.

Would love to have suggestions on my all gigs.

Edit: Please suggest to me on other gigs too.

One Gig:


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I have to say, your gig looks pretty good. The lighting is a bit off in some of the example images, but your description is well put together. If you remove the highlights and just keep the bold and normal text, you should be fine. Just be careful when offering unlimited revisions, because people will abuse those. It’s best to offer 1-3 to avoid being taken advantage of.

If possible, try and get a friend or family member to buy your service. If they’re happy with what you’ve done, they can leave a positive review. Just be careful not to tell them to leave a positive review, because that can be seen as feedback manipulation. Once you have at least one good review, buyers on Fiverr are more likely to trust you and come to you. It will take one hell of a lot of time, though.

Good luck!

P.S. There’s a spelling mistake in your gig title. It’s “boost your sales”, not “your sell”. Just letting you know :wink:

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Thanks! Appreciate your time. Will remove those highlights. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please see (IMG) point 2:


Ty, Very useful points.

Appriciate your Help :slightly_smiling_face: