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I am new to fiverr, need help for getting project

Hi Dear, I hope all of the fiverr members are good, I am new to fiver, so how can i bid on project and get project. I need help.


That’s not how fiverr works. You are not bidding on a projects here, you create a gig and clients find you if they are interested.
There is a section called buyer requests where you can send your offers however usually new sellers don’t see that many requests there.

I would advice to read through fiverr help page and watch their free course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller.


stay active on fiverr and send buyer requests.

Welcome To Fiverr,

You Have To create GIGs for sells/ get project.

When you will create gigs you will get buyer requests also.


Welcome to fiverr forum, Keep Patience and work hard… Hope You will get order soon.


welcome to Fiverr best wishes for you

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Thank you all my dear friends for such type of greate words and for to encouraging me.



I am new in fiver .i create a gig that i will convert psd to html .but no one buy my i am feel doesn’t good at now.

@shakilrafshan Hello bro,

You have to focus on SEO and marketing. Hope you will get order. You can do marketing on Twitter, Facebook. You can SEO like add the focus keyword on Gig title, description, tags.

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Welcome to fiverr community
Best of wishes. :heart::heart:

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Welcome to fiverr…

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Welcome to fiverr community… Try to active in Forum…Create a cover letter for buyer request search in google and from there you will get an idea… You must mention in buyer request that buyer wants you must do it…best of luck…

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