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I am new to fiverr want some ideas

I’m new to fiverr trying my best to be one of the best
But I seriously need ideas and advices


Abdulicon@ Welcome to the fiverr forum.Keep active always…

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I’m always keeping active. I walk at least 10000 steps a day and doing sport, why I still don’t get orders even if I’m so active?


Get the fiverr Help & Support.

I don’t do that but I still get orders :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

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How will they help? Do I need to walk and run even more? Will they help me to how to walk more and get orders?


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

You only have 15 minutes of read-time shown in your forum profile. Check out the Tips For Sellers category (with filters applied --> You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

It takes a lot of work to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

You should redo your profile description. Using all CAPSLOCKS is considered shouting.

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You don’t have any sales yet and you’re asking how to get orders, and yet, you think you can advise others?

Or do you believe in that nonsense that posting random responses on the forum will get you orders?


Just reading the repeats of this “keep active” thing is exhausting! :yawning_face:


put your fiverr gigs in your bio so when people check your fivver forum account they will get a link straight to your profile . Also make sure to look at buyers requests to see if you can send a request for a gig you have it is a good way to get your gig out there. Also welcome hope you have a nice day

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These are my suggestions for your gigs:

Gig: I will rewrite, redesign and create a resume with cover letter
In the gig description:
Maybe reword “you will ne wanting”
“to the very best base on your” could be “to the very best based on your”

Gig: I will write a professional web content
In the gig description:
“but i dont do that because i take my time you give you” could be “but I don’t do that because I take my time to give you”
“i am open for orders” could be “I am open for orders”
“Servuces” could be “Services”

In the FAQ section:
“5years” could be “5 years” in answer 1.

Gig: I will do research and summary on any topic
In the gig description:
“i give copy right free writings” could be “I give copyright free writings”

In all 3 package descriptions “REASEARCH” could be “RESEARCH”
All 3 package descriptions are in upper case. Maybe it could use both upper and lower case characters.

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Welcome to fiverr & wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face: