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I am new to Fiverr -

Hi Everyone, :slight_smile:

I have joined Fiverr to support my family too by earning a bit from this platform during this lockdown. Its been a month but so far no inquiries no order. Can anyone have a look at my gig and show me the right direction getting some order here ?

My gigs:

I would appreciate if anyone direct me. Thanks

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Best wishes. :blush: :gift_heart:

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Thank you @designer_rahmat :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr and the Fiverr Forum! Your gigs look fine to me, although I’m not that well-versed in your field, so I wouldn’t really know.

There’s really no right way to “getting orders”, really. Be patient and use the time to better yourself in your field, maybe think of other related gigs you could open for more opportunities. Read up on popular “how-to” and tips topics around the Forum and use what you learn to adjust stuff in your gig and your profile.

A lot of people always suggest using the Buyer Request feature, but I’ve recently reached Level One Seller without ever doing so, so that just goes to show how “success” on Fiverr varies per seller and their respective fields.

Wishing you all the best! Be patient. That first order is the hardest obstacle, and once you’re done with that, it gets a tad easier as you go.

Hey @cinecine Thank you very much for your words :slight_smile:

but i don’t find the buyer request link neither i see statistics of my gigs. can you help?

welcome to fiverr forum. wish you good luck.