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I am new to fiverr

hello i am new to fiverr and i am basically willing to help people with basic stuff like twitter and vine getting more views and all that but first i need to know how can i expand my business and get people to buy?

what are some things people actually care to buy?

Hi WHEREISSERGIO! Welcome to fiverr! The answer to your question is easy. People want to buy QUALITY. What do you do best? What can you deliver that’s going to get you positive ratings and help you maintain a good reputation on fiverr? Here on Fiverr, customer service is EVERYTHING. Read through the forums and you will see that it doesn’t take many bad reviews for your sales to plummet. Instead of asking “what do people want so I can make it” you should be asking “what do I do so well that people would be inclined to buy it and give me a positive review afterwards?”. Do what you love to do. Do what you’re good at. You can sell just about any service here on Fiverr, but not everyone can sell an exceptional service.

Good luck!

FIRST: You can search the forum for tips on how to start and what to do. Next:

Create a quality gig, add a professional cover photo. Create a video. Offer the service you do best. Promote yourself via social media like you said you’re good at it. Wait for buyers to buy…


Hey! Welcome to Fiverr. I look at your Gigs (retweet gig) and I noted :-

  1. Your Gig delivery time is 2 Days. Even Your Work is So much easy, you just have to retweet. So why you put 2 days time for Delivery. Just Change delivery time to 1 Day.
  2. You have only 3 Tags, Even you can Put 5 Tags. Always Put 5 Tags there.
  3. Your Gig description is Short. Make sure that you write 150+ Words Description. And Describe your gig in desctiption…

    And Promote your Gigs on Social Media.

    Good Luck!!!



Hi! Welcome to Fiverr! You can find all the answers to your questions in the forums. Wish you a successful journey ahead…

thanks humzadogar i will edit those options :]