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I am new to fiverr


Hello, I realized this web site exists 10 days ago!! I have made my first sell and after that my gig was denied… why??


What service were you offering?

I see that you have a Kindle Review gig and I’ve heard Fiverr is doing away with those.


What were you selling?


it was “write a professional review of your product”


welcome to fiverr btw.

Great job and very encouraging I would say. Just keep it up and you’ll see that overtime fiverr is a great place to do great things for other people.



Somebody that’s a little more in the know can feel free to correct or clarify, but as I understand it, a lot of “write a review” gigs are being rejected because paying somebody for a review is against other sites’ TOS (for example, Amazon prohibits users from paying for product reviews).