I am New To This Forum


Good Day Evereyone,

My Name is Kelvin, I am from Nigeria, i wish to pay for a service on Fiverr but i am been restricted due to my location.

Does anyone here have any idea, how i can pay with my Debit Master Card from Nigeria?

Please help and God Bless all of You Here.


I have already clicked on the pay with Visa or Mastercard Button but my access was denied, i really need to hire a website designer, please help me so that i can make payments now, Again Thanks.


Governor of Nigera Central Bank is usually found in my email inbox reminding me about the 100 Million us dollers someone willed for me and passed away :expressionless:

Perhaps your country is suffering because of this.
In india we cannot use any debit card on paypal (Ex for 2-3 banks) neither we can use paypal balance without credit card.

But prepaid card or entropay can help :slight_smile: Try entropay if its available there in nigeria

You can sign up there, Load some money to your virtual card and it will work anywhere in the world.


ok, i will go and ask in the bank tomorrow, thanks alot.