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I am new to this site I have a question

I am new to this site I have sold my first service
But I am afraid of the future penalty site in this site
Is it possible for someone to explain to me what might result in closing accounts
I read the terms but did not understand many of them

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Some common reasons for account closure:

  • Having multiple accounts
  • Persistent spamming/abusive behaviour
  • Deliberately filing a chargeback
  • Accumulation of account warnings (for giving out personal information, delivering an incomplete order, selling things you’ve been told by support not to sell, review manipulation)

This is only a very basic list. I still strongly recommend you become familiar with the actual ToS (come to this forum for help if you need to).

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This may be helpful to you: How To Protect Your Fiverr Account .... Simple Steps!


In addition to what @ahmwritingco said, another biggie is sellers doing academic work for students, things such as writing essays, doing math problems and the like. Proofreaders can not even proofread a student’s essay.


Excellent what about multiple accounts paybal ?