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I am new user at fiverr,so help me out to publish my gigs

Hello,I am new user,I am professional at graphics design,It will be my great pleasure if you visit my profile onece and help me out to make a publicty of my gigs


Promote your gig in social media networks
Do it daily
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Hi there…,

You should be more serious building your gigs…,

  1. Why there are one portfolio in your thumbnail when we could put three?
  2. Fix your grammar error
  3. Your gigs description is poor :frowning:
  4. FAQS is important
  5. Put your actuall profile image…, it can build “trust” feeling for buyer
  • See Fiverr tutorial. You are missing a lot…,

Good idea.Thanks for reply.:no_good_woman:

Hi. Pull up your gig page. Look for the social media icons on the right, under your name. Click any or all of these and your gig will be shared. Best of luck!

you can also

-Click on Selling > Promote Your Business > Generate Custom Offer. It’ll give you a link for promotional offers you create which can be valid for up to 30 days. Share that link on social media.

Please share your gig to social media and grow too fast This way is very effective

I would like to increase my product sales more and more. How is it possible? Pls, let share me information according to your Fiverr’s experience.

Thanks for valuable information

See this information

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Great informations.Thanks a lot.:smiley:

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Keep online 6 to 8 hours daily.
Share your profile to the social media.
Make your Gig professional.
Best of luck

thanks for your kind reply.I will do so.

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thanks a lot for your kind infromation,i will keep it mind.

Hi, it will be effective for you if you publish your GIGS on social media and try to make Eyecatching GIGS. As you are professional at Graphic design, so join Graphic design related pages on social media and be a member of that sector.

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