I am new user here and i want help


Hi everyone, i am new user here, yesterday i post one gigs, but am not getting any request, please help me and tell me how i get work on fiverr, i am a manager in social media, and i have 5+ years experience in sociel media mangement,



Hy Mia,

Tell you as much as I know
Sent Daily 10 Offer on buyer request.
and Please do not copy paste text gig description. and not copy any gig text. because you seeing fiverr system. and do waiting for buyer.


If you are a social media manager with 5+ years of experience, you should know how to get orders because aren’t people going to pay you to publicize their business?


Be honest.

Using imagery that doesn’t represent your true self could be a turn-off to potential buyers.

A reverse google search shows you are not the person in the photo.


You’re right! I’m glad I didn’t look that up at work… NSFW I didn’t realize that was a porn star. Guess I’m not in that arena too much haha.

And here I was coming back to apologize for my brash remark…


LOL, by the time I noticed it was NSFW it was too late. :grimacing:
However, I immediately :x: the tab. :sweat_smile:

Besides a cute puppy pic would’ve worked better than that imagery. Sheesh!


I mean… she probably has a pretty good social media presence.


are you sure she is a she?


Hi, im new too but i dont know how to Sent Daily 10 Offer on buyer request. Can someone help me?, thanks a lot.


This is my real picture there may be a similarity with another person


You’re American porn actress Catalina Cruz? (Bear in mind that your profile states that you’re from Morocco.)


Are you fo’ realz? :woman_facepalming:t4: You’re really going to pretend that you’re Catalina? :roll_eyes:
I highly doubt that she would be on Fiverr selling anything. Own it!


So, how buyers trust you and order your gig?


just wait…
you must find buyer request.
then write a killer buyer request and do marketing your gig into various platform.
good luck for you :slight_smile:


I will do a preliminary job before purchasing to make sure I work


I may suggest you to research about the fiverr marketplace so that you may find some tips and tricks!


You’ll have to offer a service that’s allowed.

You sell followers and likes, and that’s forbidden. You better remove that gig before you get reported and Fiverr removes it. They could also ban you for violating the rules.


See your post is updated on fiverr
check your search tags , put 3 sample images
ad go to ( home page > selling>gigs check IMPRESSIONS)
if it have 50 IMPRESSIONS so You will get an order soon


OP is no longer on Fiverr.


No… this is NOT your photo. i guarantee it. It’s not hard to reverse-search an image online, and I can assure you, this photo can be found all over the internet. It is not a photo of you.