I am new user how do i get first order?


Hello i am new user and i am just started as a seller i want to know how do i get an order?


dalily send 10 buyer request



Try buyer requests. be patient and stay positive. You gonna have an order soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Fiverr. :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

Create one more gigs of your services. Keep your patience and try to submit buyer request everyday from buyer requests page. You can look at top bar of Fiverr forum, use the search form & type tips for sellers I hope you will find one more helpful post. Good luck


You may find an answer here. Follow the Fiverr Podcasts. They have good advice.


Hi, I am also so try again an again


Well, for new seller, i know a trick.
Just regularly send 10 buyer request and reply your client instantly.
as quick as you reply, the possibility will increase of getting orders.
That’s why use fiverr app on mobile, it will ensure your quick response.
Best of luck :slight_smile:


1.Create a gig with eye catching & informative picture
2.Send buyer request daily
3.Do marketing of your gig regularly in different social platforms
4.Try to reply instantly if anyone knocks you
5.Stay online 24hrs through fiverr app


Right @minhazul_asif vai


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.


Working smart and promtoing your gig outside fiverr

  • Make your GIG absolute and remarkable
  • Stay Online 24 hours
  • Promote your gig outside Fiverr (social media or blog)
  • Send 10 buyer requests daily
  • Reply your client as quickly as possible

Good Luck for you. Keep patience and you will get orders soon.


Make 10 buyer requests. i hope tht will do good. Thanks. Best of luck.




proper Suggesion:star_struck:


thank you so much for your tips


I use 2 tricks :

  1. please use mobile app for fiverr -
    This will help you to be active on fiverr more, and now

only active seller’s gigs are shown at fiverr search !

  1. Try Bidding daily at least 5


great idea, really useful bro


thanks a lot for all the information