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I am new with fiver, Tell me what must I rectify on my gigs?

I am new with fiver, Tell me what must I rectify on my gig (s) Help me gentlemen… Only 20 days I joined And 80% of level 1. Are you think I will be able to get level 1? Must I get 5 orders and will complete them to get it? HELP ME

Thank you.

Before you learn english better you should at least be honest and show on your profile real country from where you are. It is obvious that you are not from USA :slight_smile:

After you do that I suggest preparing your gigs better. Right now you have 2 Gigs and they are the same - photoshop works. So if you do any photoshop works then do that with one gig. If you want to separate type of work then make more gigs.

Also, you should do better with tags on gigs. Tags like “edition” “tagging” or “background” are too general… Tag “resize”, I suppose people know how to resize images. I am not photoshop or design qualified so I may be wrong but that’s it for now :slight_smile:

Thank you,

please read published posts then you can earn your sales ASAP

You need total 10 orders to get level 1. In next 11 days, you will sell more than this.

Reply to @pixess: Thank you Pixess!

Reply to @ts4yoof: Thank you, I have complete 5, Can I get 5 orders in next 11 days? I wish…

Change your gig headlines, that’s my area of expertise:

“I will change 5 background photos in 24-Hours”

"I will do Photoshop work in 1-Day"

Short headlines work best, and do hire a proofreader to check how you’re wording everything. $5 per gig seems like a fair price. A good proofreader should rewrite everything you wrote in a way that sells.

P.S. Can you really deliver in 12-hours? Buyers hate it when sellers are late.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Ok I will, Thank you for Advices.