I am newbie on fiverr


Hi everyone, I am totally new seller on fiverr.I have huge experience in graphic designing.But still I don’t get any order yet on my gig what can I do?
need your suggestion guys.
thanks! :slight_smile:


Welcome. You will find lots of tips if you read through the forum. Also it is a must to check out the www.Fiverr.com/Academy for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Apply Buyer request daily
Advertise more and more
Always in online


You welcome Hope you provide best services :slight_smile:


I am also a newbie who struggling quite a long. If anybody reviews my gigs, whether those are done correctly or not.


I am also new here. I do not know about Request Buyer. Please Explain it.


Hi, faryadhussain select your right gig category in gig editing portion click on overview panel and then choose the category from the drop down menu for example if you are a graphic designer then choose Graphics & Design and then choose Logo design or what ever you want according to your field. I believe that after doing this you will see the buyer’s request in buyer request portion.

If you are still having issues feel free to ask me I will love to answer you.
Best Regards


Sorry i am not understand. My gig is data entry


I think you have to go for Programming and Tech there you can find Data entry from the drop down list because I am a Graphic Designer and still I am not sure in which category data entry lies.you can also contact to fiverr support they will help you.



Promote to your friends.
Or your friends in social media


You welcome Hope you provide best services :slight_smile: :hugs: