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I am no longer getting buyer requests!


Dear fellow Fiverr sellers,

Lately I have been receiving very few buyer requests compared to two weeks ago.
What could be happening?
Has anyone else experienced the same?



me too also
i don’t know what happen ?


@kathurima Hey, I am also experiencing the same issue, no buyer request appearing in mine


I wish someone here explains what the issue might be.


I hope to understand what is happening.
Let’s see whether anyone here is able to offer an explanation.


No idea, I get around 30 new requests a day.
Contact customer service.


There’s another thread around explaining how there is really no actual reason for that, but I can’t remember the name or link, unfortunately.

The point is: requests come and go, that’s just how business is, it has its ups and down. Requests frequency also depends on the service you offer: I see a lot of people looking for Illustrations, Videos etc…
I, for example, mostly offer transliation from English to Italian and viceversa, so I can’t expect to get many requests due to the low necessity of my services. This might not be your case, but it’s important to keep that in mind.

Just give it some time; I hope everything will get better!


I am also experiencing the same problem.
There is a very few buyer request or no request at all.


I will surely do. Thanks @uxreview


I hope so too @massimofavero. Thanks a lot.


If it is a seasonal decline, then all will be well @excelmasterr. Let’s hope the requests pick up again.