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I am not able to answer any of text messeges


I have no idea, whats going on. Why I am not able to answer any messages from inbox.

Do you have nay Idea or do you have this issue???//

Try to clear your browser, cookies and cache. If you still have issues reach out to customer support for assistance.

I already did it…

I am really in bad shape… Still same problems

Several of your messages were reported as inappropriate by other users.
If you agree to refrain from sending any messages that may come across as inappropriate, unprofessional, or spam, we can look in to restoring your messaging ability.

I interviewed some seller for hire, I am sure they did it . How funny … very rude are my country People . Its really bad manner . If you are not able to do any of work , its your problem .

Oh so your messaging was disabled due to bad user behaviour.

You probably send messages which were considered spam and users reported you.

As far as I know, I never break TOS. And I never ask anything that prohibited. I interviewed some seller, last night , After that I saw ,inbox disabled.

Its really embarrassing . People are really bad now a days. Afterall they are from my country

Hello, SIS.
I am also facing same problem. Please contact with me. Have you solve this problem, and can you send massage at this time to your clients? If you state at normal than tell me when you get leave from this problem?
Is this take 3/7/15 day?

its been 10 months, And Problem solved already .
Dont worry It will be okay within 24 to 48 hours.
Thanks :dizzy:

Hi my account has restricted for Copy same massage from other user, and The inbox also go to disabled , I have submitted a request for restore my account. and they told me need to agree for refrain massages.

I told Sorry for this mistake, it will not happen again.

Please tell me when I can get my account restore.

You’ll need to ask CS:

Looks like your account’s been disabled, not just restricted?

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