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I am not able to complete my first order on time. The buyer requested for aditional work

I am a new member to Fiverr. I got my first order yesterday. Its a direct order through my Gig. “I WILL DELIVER 500 EMAIL IDs FOR YOUR MARKETING PURPOSE” - This is the package selected by the buyer for Rs.395/- within 24 Hrs. I collected the data and sent it in 2 hrs. But the buyer replied that they required the data in a different format (like -first name/last name/company name/website address/Title/Locatio /Linkedin/Company/Company website Company Industry Company Linkedin Company Headquarters). I cant collect the whole details within a day just for the mentioned amount. I don’t know how to solve this problem. The order from a top rated buyer and I am just 2 weeks in Fiverr. Can I cancel this order or request them for extra time and amount. Please help


Request them for extra time. (Not extra amount)


If your gig doesn’t state that you will do exactly that, then you can request some extra time.

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My Gig clearly said that I will collect 100 email ids for your business purpose

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But actually I am not familiar in collecting the whole details from Linked In. I think for 500 emails it will take minimum 2 days. Can I cancel this order? Is it affect my Fiverr profile and career?

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Remember that it is your first order.

If you cancel your order completion rate will go to 0%
Not only this, you may take further many times to get next order .

So my personal suggestion you must complete this order at any cost. You should take it a challenge. It will bring better future for your account.

If you think you may unable to satisfy buyer and probably you may will get a bad review, then mutual cancellation is better than a bad review.
You may know buyer’s opinion by professionally request about time extension. Then may be you will able to know about buyer’s mind ( Is buyer positive? or negative ! about your request)

All of above up to you. You can do whatever you wish and feel better for you.



@feminajacob Please do not listen to nonsense above.

If your GIG clearly states that you will deliver emails only the client has no right to ask for extra.

Explain to the client your offer includes email data only, as per GIG description.

And I think you should ask CS for help and let them cancel the order.

If CS canceled order it will have no impact on your profile at all.

If the client was not clear on what he needs he just tricked you.

If you state in your description you will deliver email plus all the rest data than you made a mistake.

You will not deliver what he wants today or in 3 days and he will still leave you negative feedback.

You can recover from cancelation, but not from negative feedback, it will remain with you forever.


And remove this " I can assure you 100% money back guarantee, if you were unsatisfied."


When i asked once to cancel I clicked on “visit resolution center”, and sited the reason( the order was not right for my gig, i clearly say in what language i am programming, but the app that the client sent to me for correcting was in another language). I thought the CS will cancel, and my rate will not be affected because it was not my fault. But i got message - the client agreed to cancel, and my completion rate dropped. So CS didn’t probably even see me asking to cancel. I do not know how you ask them to cancel, but maybe clear it before asking. On another hand i think asking buyer for extra time to deliver better result is ok for the first time order. It will get you the money and good review.

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I disagree.

The OP is trapped. OP wants to make decision that would mean the least damage.

It is not sure if they would get any money in fact because they assure 100% money back.

It is not sure the feedback will be positive.

The feedback is much more valuable in this case.

If I were the OP and should decide between $4, possibly negative feedback or order cancellation rate I would go for order cancellation.


Don’t cancel Your order.
Remember One think these is your first order If You cancel your order Then you gig rank falls. So ask your buyer to extend time 1-2days…
Then you can complete your order on time

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“Don´t sell your future for instant profit.”

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What you did was using the resolution center to initiate a mutual cancellation. Having CS cancel an order is something different.

Can you explain what is CS , How cab I cnacell through CS?

Send direct message to customer support with detailed explanation.


Ok Ma’am Thank you so much

They selected a particular Gig , Silver package- and the same is for 500 emails only. As I am new member I don’t know, email collection includes data scraping too. I asked them in chat, this order only for 500 emails. They said yes with the given key words.

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Why do you want to cancel?

Then remind the buyer of his/her own message by either quoting it exactly or sending a screenshot. Be polite and communicate professionally.

Good Luck!!

Don’t Cancel!!

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Ask him/her politely to extend the time period

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What? which account? mine?