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I am not able to post gigs

Suddenly this came and i cann’t post gigs now


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Were you able to attempt taking the test at all?
What kind of gig were you attempting to make?

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At first you need to do the exam

Hello, you must pass the English skill test to be able to post gigs that require at least basic level of English understanding. I also did the test but passed it with a 9.8 score.

This should not trouble you. You can offer other services that do not require passing the English skill test like data entry, graphic design or anything you are comfortable working with. As you wait for the 90 days.

Sorry dude, just think of something that you can do and does not require you passing the English skill test. Maybe something like Data Entry you can master within minimum time.

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I have looked all over the site and cannot find where I can post a gig. The only thing similar to a “gig” that I’ve seen is “create a project”. I really just want to sell my services on here, but I am at a loss.