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I am not able to reply to or send message to anyone

I have been facing this issue since today morning. I am not able to reply to any messages on fiverr. I’ve tried using the app and the website. None of them is working.

The message text field is not showing on the website while the app prompts me to contact the support team and doesn’t let me send the message.

Have you guys notices this issue?

It’s not just me then, I have no messaging system at all!

I’ve cleared browser cache etc. and even tried different browsers - still nothing!

@xmorphmanx I contacted the support team and they said that I was requesting for paypal information from my buyers. I explained that I need paypal information and email address to create websites for my clients. They understood and reinstated my message box. I think you should contact the support team as soon as possible. I think many sellers are facing the same issues.