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I am not able to send buyer request. Can anyone help please!

I searched it in the “selling” part as mentioned, but I don’t find a “buyer request” thing there. I found out that this service is not available for every seller. I’m a poet and a newbie so is there any relation between my problem and my state or my service?

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Click your profile more
There is a buyer request

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Hi Sana,

Go to Fiver’s homepage and click on “Switch to Selling” on the top right-hand side. If, however, it already says “Switch to Buying,” you can skip this step.

Then click on “More” and then “Buyer Requests” from the drop-down menu.

@sanapoet This service is available for all new sellers (who have not made even a single sale yet) as well as those who have already made sales and have an overall positive rating of 90% and higher (overall rating of 4.5 and higher).

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I don’t have that option here!
Can I it be possible that it’s not in the website but in the app?

I tried but I’m hopeless so far

The screenshot that you just posted doesn’t even look close to what I see on my PC (which is the screenshot I posted earlier).

Why is your menu in a single vertical line? This is very confusing. Is the screenshot you just posted what you see on your phone, perhaps?

Yes it is of Phone! :smile:

:man_facepalming: I would have appreciated it had you mentioned that vital piece of information earlier. :wink:

I would suggest that you do not use the App for important stuff, such as responding to buyer requests, initiating withdrawals, etc, as the App is chock-full of bugs and glitches (this has been my experience so far). The desktop/laptop version is the most stable version. I only use the App to respond to clients’ messages or to quickly check if I’ve received any notifications.

P.S: Are you sure you’re logged onto your Fiverr account on the App. If not, try doing that, and you might find the buyer request option.

Sure. Thank-you :blush::blush::blush::blush: