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I am not allowed to write my name!



I am not allowed to write my frist name anywhere on fiverr, which is actually very discriminating, as my name is as innocent as John or Michael. It is a Turkish name of Arabic origin and just means “a messenger”.

I cannot write it in any custom order or message to a seller, because then the message will get flagged. But it’s actually discriminating and caused all of my messages to get flagged, until I realized it was because of my name.

My idea is that the name gets flagged, because the first four letters (the name itself has actually five letters) happens to coincidentally be an abbreviation for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party - yes, the one responsible for all the crimes of the second world war, which we hopefully all know and hate.

But, seriously, even though it’s a bit funny, I would love to use my name on fiverr. It has nothing to do with that terrible political party. If I was living in the United States, I could probably sue fiverr for millions for this, but as I’m living in Germany (funny, right?), I will just ask politely to fix it.

Thanks and best regards

The guy who can’t use his name on fiverr


Could you use an abbreviation perhaps, like ‘Bob’ rather than your full name? Perhaps you could give yourself a pseudonym just for Fiverr?

Added - Fiverr’s meant to be anonymous - nobody actually needs to know your name. :wink:


Dear guy whose name I can´t use on the forum either if I don´t want my post to go to the moderators’ queue,

I just wanted to say that I guess I know your name and think it´s a very nice name and I really hope Fiverr will find another way to deal with this, because indeed it must be very annoying if you already want to use your own rightful name and can´t because of something like that.

And no, don´t think an abbreviation would fly in this case, people may think he´s one of these guys… :wink:



Nsgw are the first four letters of your name and you get a warning if you use this? You could simply call yourself Nat.


Isn’t the first 4 letters the name of the German army from WW2? I assume with an added m for the full 5 letters (though that would mean “arranger/organiser” rather than “messenger” though I think it might be it?)?


November Alfa Zulu India Mike, in arabic “poet” or “author”.
Here I am, in that weird part of Fiverr again.


You are correct, it’s mizan spelled backwards. Arranger / organizer is also a common way to understand it but the root meaning is the messenger.