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I am not bothered by it much .. but just wondering what's up?


I have noticed my response rate is dropping too fast, 100% to 83 to 77 to 70% now, though I have responded all my messages except a couple who were spams, asking me "do you want to be my friend? and “Hello” things like that and even if I wanted to respond to them, I couldn’t, because it says the user can not be contacted at this time and a couple was able to report but some could not even report them, and when I send a complaint to the CS, I was told what I already know, the number of messages I had and the number I respond to and my rate will pick up in time and these spam messages will not affect my response rates, but they did because I responded to every single message I received.
I was wondering is this a bug or something I am not aware of is going on?
But life goes on, orders are coming, so not a bad month. :slight_smile:
If anyone has an idea please share with me, just to satisfy my curiosity.
Best of luck to all and keep the good work guys, and patience is always the key. Stay positive and everything will work out.


Sometimes… it’s a bug, CS usually check it and fix it.
But you need to report as spam and archive each message you don’t want to answer to avoid this problem in the future.


Thanks, that is very helpful tip
I will do that


You are the most welcome!