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I am not geeting can i get orders?

I am not geeting can i get orders?please help

you need to marketing your gig on social media, stay on Fiverr & patience
Thank you

@sabbir_365 I shared on social media but did not working

1.Create SEO-friendly Gigs. This is a very important part! Add keywords that best describe your Gig. Make sure you are not violating any Terms and Conditions of Fiverr. Add everything: images, videos, PDFs, Gig description and FAQ.
2.Promoted my Gigs on social media. Somebody might share your post or at least check it out, which means boost your Fiverr ranking.
3.Had my profile complete. You might want to add a profile picture, fill out your skills, add education and certifications, because Fiverr’s algorithm likes that. They will more likely promote you over a person that doesn’t have a description and a profile picture.
4.Low prices. Although, you may feel that your work is worth a lot more than 5$, I wouldn’t recommend setting the price too high. People don’t want to spend a lot of money on a New Seller that doesn’t have any reviews. Even though, this may feel like charity, get your first orders and reviews and only then raise the prices to whatever feels appropriate.
5.Get your first customer as fast as possible. If somebody writes to you, you should dedicate your time to building trust and good relations to your customer. I have had an amazing experience with my first customer, and I hope you will as well. Deliver before the deadline, do even more than the customer says and be a genuinely nice person.
Thanks for read!

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