I am not getting 2nd level


Hello Please see attached image.

Why I am not getting my 2nd level??


Scroll down to the bottom of the page you have done a screenshot there, that should tell you. I would guess it is the 96% rating though, best to email customer support though.


So for 2nd level your rating must be 100%.



Just submit a tickets to customer support, they will manually do it,



maybe fiverr wants 50 reviews, I have no idea. I know there is plenty of bugs here…


hi brother,

Level two for want two month 50 orders complete.

Your rating is ok.But 50 orders want to within two months.

This one also ok?

You can contact fiverr customer support.




Reply to @kjblynx:

"You made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Level Two, unlocking advanced sales tools to further expand your services and increase your sales. You’ll also receive priority support."

are you not able with this?


Reply to @kjblynx:

Is that your exprience i like to able your answer…!

Thank you for explain that.sorry for my misunderstanding…!


reply to @kjblynx…thanks dude…Now I complete my 100% profile but till now not getting 2nd level badge…


reply to @biggiger…brother I completed 72 orders in 2 months…So I think it’s okey for them…


Reply to @kjblynx: if you scroll down that page (analytics) that the seller has posted in the screenshot, you will see level two as a target goal if you are level one. It showed that way for me before I got to level two. Now it has nothing other than the date that I earnt the level two, but before that it was like a percentage unrelated to the feedback one. Also the 10% profile incomplete isn’t really relevant with regards to levels, it goes to 100% when you link facebook and google I think which is hardly necessary.


Reply to @kjblynx: sorry My mistake…thanks For your suggestion…It helps a lot…

Best of luck …


Congratulations on your sales so far! The number of orders that have not been rated seems high. Have you tried contacting buyers who did not take the time to rate your service? Often buyers who placed multiple orders at once will only rate one of them.

Hope this helps =)


Reply to @highdef: yes dude you are completely right…Most of my buyers forget to give review and when I message them again then they put review…

Is there any trick to get review from each and every buyers???